Little Free Library Annual Goal

Briarwood Park Little Free Library Ribbon Cutting Event

Each year we seek to raise $800 as "seed money" to help fund expand our growing network of free lending libraries dedicated to youth literacy.

We supply volunteers and custom built library units that we also maintain. Your support helps us design, construct, decorate with custom art, install, maintain and supply our network. Libraries are deployed and supplied with quality childrens' books at sites where children already congregate such as schools, parks, 

clubs, malls and other routinely accessed areas.

Our goal is to make ubiquitous access to appropriate reading material the expectation of all 

our area children. Many of our children do not have access to reading material at home and limited access to a full service library.By helping us support our library network you are making it easy for us to place what we like to call a "little monument to li

teracy" everywhere a child goes when not in school.

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